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Instrumentation cables are multiple conductor cables that convey low energy electrical signals used for monitoring or controlling electrical power systems and their associated processes. The functions of measurement and control are vital in manufacturing and processing applications.

DATA Cables And Internet Cables also commonly known as Ethernet cables, is a cable that runs from a router, modem or network switch to your computer or laptop. This gives your device internet access. Internet cables is used to make your connection or business much more stable when connecting to the internet.

We Offer

Consortium Cables Cape cc offers a large range of Instrumentation, Control, Data and internet cables including the following:

Instrumentation Cables
- Cores OAM Unarmoured
- Cores OAM SWA
- Cores OAM APL Poly
- Pairs & Triads OAM Unarmoured
- Pairs & Triads I&OAM Unarmoured
- Pairs & Triads OAM SWA
- Pairs & Triads I&OAM SWA
- Pairs & Triads OAM APL
- Pairs & Triads I&OAM APL

Control Cables
- Braided Screen Control
- Multicore PVC Control

DATA Cables And Internet Cables
- Paired OAM Def Spec Colour Coded
- Cores TCB Screened Def Spec Colour Coded
- Profibus, CANbus & ASI Bus
- Coaxial Cables

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