Marine Cable Supplier

As a marine cable supplier, Our marine cables are designed to perform in extremes of temperatures, both high and low, and to be resistant to adverse elements such as humidity, oil, acid, muds and salt water, as are prevalent in most marine and offshore operational environments.

A full range of power, control, instrumentation and low voltage marine cables. All of them available in armoured and unarmoured versions and also according to the fire performances: flame and fire retardant, and fire resistant.

We Offer

Consortium Cables Cape cc offers a large range of Marine Approved cables including the following:

Marine Approved Cables
- Braided Screen Power Cables
- Unscreened Power Cables
- Braided and or Foil Screened Instrumentation Cables

All Marine Cables carry certification including Lloyds, DNV, ABS, GL and Bureau Veritas.

Why use marine cable?

Beyond being tinned, marine cable is larger than say automotive cable at the same size. So, 6 AWG marine cable contains more copper than 6 AWG automotive cable. The more copper, the better the current carrying capacity of the cable. Marine cable also carries a pliable and durable PVC jacket.

What makes marine cable different?

Marine cable stranding is unique, the strands are much finer and each individual strand is tinned. The fine stranding makes the wire very flexible, allowing it to better survive in a moving, vibrating boat, while the tinned strands provide additional corrosion protection.

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